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Professional Bookkeeping

Small Busineses often have a hard time getting the books together,  With the expense of software, the learning curve of how to work it and the time & effort it takes to focus on daily expense can often be overwhelming for business owners.  Let T.E. take on that challenge, leaving you burden free with folks you can trust to get the job done right!

Focus On The Company

The type of business matters when it comes to making the numbers work.  million dollar companies to Mom & Pop shops need  to know the every dime is accounted for and waste is at a minimum.  That is what we do for you.


Banks, Regulators, even the Tax Man look to see that your business is successfully following all rule and guidelines when it come to serving you community.  T.E. helps you track every transaction, process billing and collect over due payments and build reports for credit and payment of taxes. 

Tap Into Our Brain Trust

Mentorship is always a key to building a successful business.  Mentors help us navigate through unseen challenges. Let us at T.E. Financial Services bring our years of successful business experience in to work for you.

Record Keeping

You need to know: What money went Where, When it was used, the reason(s) Why it was spent and How it got there.  Recording all spending is as or more important than the way it was accrued.  Building requires understanding the works.


Get The Money Right is all that matters in most cases.  Reconciliation is an accounting process that compares two sets of records to check that figures are correct and in agreement.  T.E. helps to insure that your numbers are consistent, accurate, and in complete alignment with your bank account.


Epense is a problem that no entrepanuer can avoid. Much of what new business owners face are unknown costs.  T.E. offer a low cost, affordable service that you don't want to be left without.

What Our Clients Say

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